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NBSV 024: Mike Howard on BS in the fitness and diet industries; how to hone your BS-detection skills

Fitness coach Mike Howard

Mike Howard is on the show to talk busting BS in the fitness industry (including keto, paleo, the myth that “calories don’t matter”, and more). We also discuss how you can tell whether a certain fitness or nutrition claim is bullshit.

Mike is a 20-year fitness industry veteran, author, presenter, and choice architect. He’s the founder of Lean Minded in-person and online training. He wrote the e-book Talking Back to Diet Gurus, and has over 500 publications in print and online. He’s also presented at fitness conferences in Canada and the US.

Some gems from Mike:

“If we’re not pissing off the extremists to some degree, we’re not properly doing our job.”

“If they claim that it’s fast, that it’s really easy, and that it’s permanent - that’s your holy trinity of bullshit.”

“Moderation doesn’t sell. Fear sells.”

Listen below!

Important topics and points you don't want to miss:

>> Why fad diets like keto or paleo are not the answer to long-term health and physique success.

>> A discussion about the myth that "calories don't matter".

>> Why the concept of “the best diet for [insert goal here]” or “the best exercise for [insert goal here]” is misguided, misleading, and inaccurate.

>> Why there's so much bullshit in the fitness and nutrition industries. Mike says, "It’s in our DNA to seek out something that’s easy and something that promises big results. The marketing machines prey on that. It creates this ‘perfect storm’ of opportunity for bullshit: deception, luring people in with false claims, and setting people up for longer-term failure."

>> How Mike operates in his own business to dispel myths and provide information that’s evidence-based.

>> How you can decide for yourself whether a certain claim is bullshit.

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