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NBSV 004 & 005: Dr. Anastasia Zinchenko on 5 vegan health & fitness myths

Dr. Anastasia Zinchenko

Dr. Anastasia Zinchenko (PhD in biochemistry, international competing powerlifter and bodybuilder, all-around vegan badass) joins us on the show to bust 5 different vegan fitness, nutrition, and health myths. She provided so much information crammed into one conversation that we've split her interview into 2 parts!

The myths we bust in episode 4:

>> 1. Protein, protein, protein! We discuss a variety of myths surrounding veganism and protein, including "you can't build muscle on plants", and "plant proteins aren't complete proteins".

>> 2. Why (and when) eating a 100% whole foods diet might not be the best option for your health and athletic training. (Endurance athletes may benefit from this segment especially.)

The myths we bust in episode 5:

>> 3. The concept of moderation - applied to healthy foods! Why (and when) eating large quantities of healthy foods can be problematic.

>> 4. High carb diets - the good, the bad, the ugly. If you drop your fat intake below 15%, your athletic performance declines. High carb diets inhibit protein digestion - so you're not even absorbing the small amount of protein you're eating!

>> 5. Why the typical bodybuilder training ‘split’ routine is not effective for most people - and how to train instead.

Bonus topics:

>> Why Anastasia doesn’t support the term “superfood”.

>> The only thing you can rely on is your own laziness, and how to put this concept to use when it comes to your fitness and nutrition goals.

>> Science is the most effective method we have to learn about the world and how it really works. In practice, it’s not perfect. Learn some insider info about how for-profit academic journals work.

>> Supplements: a few are required for vegans. Most are unnecessary, including BCAA’s.

>> The actual definition of “lean body mass” (it’s not just muscle).

>> Important points to keep in mind when you’re evaluating research.

Links mentioned in the episode

>> "Is the Starch Solution just a placebo?", a video on the vegan high carb diet fallacy

>> More on the Starch Solution myth; "Carbs don't make you fat?"

Connect with Anastasia!

>>, Anastasia's main website


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