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NBSV 050: Dr. Sarina Pasricha on the gut microbiome. How do we improve it? Does veganism factor in?

Dr. Sarina Pasricha

Dr. Sarina Pasricha is a nationally recognized gastroenterologist and speaker. She completed her undergraduate training in biological anthropology and nutrition from Harvard University. Dr. Sarina focuses on the importance of good gut health & the gut-brain connection.

Listen below!

Important topics and points you don't want to miss:

>> What is the gut microbiome and why is it important?

>> What can we do to improve our gut microbiome - does being vegan help? does exercise help?

>> What do we do that is harmful to our gut health (antibiotics, meat, etc).

>> The role of stress on our gut health.

Connect with Dr Sarina:

Research references:

American Gastroenterological Association (2002). AGA Technical Review on Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Bhattarai, Y., Muniz Pedrogo, D. A., & Kashyap, P. C. (2016). Irritable bowel syndrome: a gut microbiota-related disorder?


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