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NBSV 065: Chris and Danielle on raising vegan kids, and veganism at school and the doctor's office

Vegans Dr. Danielle Marentette and Chris Bratseth

Dr. Danielle Marentette is a full-time family doctor in Powell River. Within her full-service family practice, she has a special interest in "Food as Medicine", and specifically using a whole foods plant-based diet to prevent and reverse chronic disease for her patients. She teams up with plant-based Registered Holistic Nutritionist Emma Levez Larocque to get groups of patients into the kitchen to learn the why and how of transitioning to a plant-based diet, and has seen incredible results for her patients.

Chris Bratseth is a teacher at Brooks Secondary School in Powell River, BC. He teaches an alternative, experiential learning program called "The Explore Program." The program focuses on adventure learning, volunteering, academics, health and wellness, and work experience. He has helped facilitate plant-based nutrition seminars and classes for both students and staff. He is an author of the Canadian Best Seller book "Cool to Be Kind" and a founding member of the Kindness Crew and He holds a Masters in Physical Education, and has worked as a personal trainer and yoga instructor.

Chris and Danielle were vegetarian for many years, before making the switch - along with their children - to a vegan diet just over 3 years ago.

Here’s our discussion:

Important topics and points you don't want to miss:

>> How Dr. Marentette uses a whole food, plant-based diet to prevent and reverse chronic disease for her patients, and some of the myths she encounters (e.g. “people won’t be willing to change”, or “this is too difficult for patients to understand”.)

>> The plant-based nutrition classes and seminars for students and staff that Chris facilitated, and how youth are driving change within their own families.

>> Making the transition to a vegan diet with their kids, and how they approach food with their kids.


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