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No-Bullsh!t Vegan Podcast Advent Calendar: Surprise mini-episodes every day from Dec. 1 - 24!

Vegan fitness and nutrition coach Karina Inkster

[Updated January 2019 with episode titles, descriptions, and show notes!]

To thank my awesome NBSV listeners for supporting the show thus far, I've created an advent calendar for you! I'll drop a surprise mini-episode each day from December 1 to 24. No titles, and no descriptions. You'll just have to listen to each one to find out what it's about!

The episodes were kept a surprise for the whole month of December - and most of January, for those listeners who needed to catch up! I've since added titles and show notes. Stay tuned for our 2019 edition!

Listen to the advent calendar episodes below!

NBSV Advent Episode #1: A reading from my book, Vegan Vitality - Susan Levin on nutrition for vegan athletes:

NBSV Advent Episode #2: Holiday Survival Guide:

NBSV Advent Episode #4: Fruit and fat gain:

NBSV Advent Episode #5: Anti-­aging is marketing bullshit:

NBSV Advent Episode #6: Susan Levin on Soy:

NBSV Advent Episode #7: The Truth about lasting transformations:

December 8: A reading from James Clear's Atomic Habits:

NBSV Advent Episode #9: Be the Lone Wolf (a missing link to nailing your fitness goals):

NBSV Advent Episode #10: Random thoughts on the fitness industry’s downfalls:

December 11: A second reading from Eat Like You Care:

NBSV Advent Episode #12: Guilty pleasure and food:

NBSV Advent Episode #13: The Blood Type Diet:

NBSV Advent Episode #14: Busting BS around training abs:

NBSV Advent Episode #15: F*ck New Year’s resolutions!:

NBSV Advent Episode #16: 8 questions to ask when evaluating research studies:

NBSV Advent Episode #17: 4 ways to stop worrying about looks, and train for more sane reasons:

NBSV Advent Episode #18: What would Coach K do?:

NBSV Advent Episode #19: Getting Sh*t Done principles:

NBSV Advent Episode #20: 5 roadblocks to going vegan faced by health & fitness nuts:

NBSV Advent Episode #21: Chocolate mousse recipe:

NBSV Advent Episode #22: The 5 biggest mistakes vegans make with their fitness and nutrition:

NBSV Advent Episode #23: A book summary of Switch, and how to apply its principles to your health and fitness:

NBSV Advent Episode #24: The vegan movement and intersectionality ­ - brief thoughts:


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