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NBSV 057: My review of The Game Changers documentary

The Game Changers documentary

This documentary busts many myths about veganism, but it ain't perfect. If you’re curious about athletic performance on a vegan diet, it’s worth watching The Game Changers. Just keep in mind that a documentary is not a replacement for scientific research, or doing a thorough review of peer-reviewed literature. Here's my review, with bonus input from two other vegans.

Important topics and points you don't want to miss:

>> As vegan documentaries go, The Game Changers is one of the better ones. (It certainly beats What The Health in the accuracy department, but that’s pretty easy to do.) However, you’ll never get a well-rounded picture of the state of current research by watching a documentary.

>> This film is extremely dude-centric, featuring many more male athletes than female, and focusing on vanity metrics like male virility.

>> As the most common nutrition question ever asked about veganism, Wilks does a great job at busting the B.S. about vegan protein. We learn why it’s a myth that plant-based proteins are inferior to animal-based proteins, and we’re urged to consider what “package” our protein is coming in.

Mentioned in the episode:

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