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NBSV 052: Catching up with vegan strongman athlete and coach Melody Schoenfeld

Vegan fitness coach Melody Schoenfeld

For today’s conversation we didn’t have any sort of agenda - we’re just shooting the shit. Or shooting the bullshit I should say, because we end up discussing everything from a peer-reviewed article Melody wrote about vegan strength athletes, to her upcoming book, to media misrepresentation of research results, to whether vegans have an athletic performance advantage over non-vegans…and a ton more.

Melody Schoenfeld is a certified personal trainer with over 23 years of training experience. She holds a master's degree in health psychology and writes and speaks both nationally and internationally on a wide variety of health and fitness subjects. She is the owner of Flawless Fitness and Evil Munky Enterprises, and the author of Pleasure Not Meating You​.

Important topics and points you don't want to miss:

>> Melody's article, Nutritional Considerations for the Female Vegan Athlete. She wrote this, she says, to "shed light on an area of research that needs to be addressed".

>> How Melody is able to juggle so many projects! Running a gym, playing in bands, hanging out with her dog and boyfriend, writing music, writing articles and books.

>> Her upcoming cookbook, specifically written for vegan athletes.

>> Do vegans have an athletic performance advantage over non-vegans? Is it a placebo effect? What sorts of future research in vegan fitness does Melody want to see? What variables would we need to control for?

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Mentioned in the episode:


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