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NBSV 025: Tiffany Wood on being vegan as a student, and Erynn Richardson on veganism in art

Vegans Tiffany Wood and Erynn Richardson

For the month of September, we're featuring interviews with amazing No-Bullshit Vegan podcast listeners. We're kicking things off with Tiffany Wood and Erynn Richardson!

Tiffany is relatively new to veganism, but certainly not new to learning. She recently completed her Masters in Medical Science, and now assists in medical care and research with the physical rehabilitation population in West Alabama. She began running about a year ago and has since shaved 20 minutes off her 10k pace, and is currently training for a half marathon.

Erynn received her MFA in studio art from California State University, Long Beach. She teaches drawing, design and printmaking. Her studio is based out of Riverside, California, and she recently had her third solo show with Bermudez Projects in Los Angeles. Vegetarian for 22 years and vegan for 12, we’re going to be discussing her art and its relation to veganism, the fact that her dad is a hunter and cattle rancher, and more.

Listen below!

Important topics and points you don't want to miss:

>> Tiffany's incredible story of weight loss (70 pounds!) while in school and on a tight student budget.

>> Tips for being vegan as a busy student, and in social situations.

>> Erynn using her art to talk about animal rights and welfare.

>> Interacting with clients/fans, some of whom share her views, and some of whom don't.

>> Erynn's dad is a hunter and cattle rancher; how she navigates this.

Connect with Tiffany:

Connect with Erynn:

Erynn's show, running Sept. 8 - Oct. 27, 2018:

Erynn Richardson's art show


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