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NBSV 074: Susan Levin on 4 ways veganism is optimal for athletes, & the Physicians Committee's work

Registered dietician Susan Levin

Susan Levin is a registered dietitian and director of nutrition education for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting preventive medicine, especially better nutrition. She has been with the organization for 15 years, the last few of which have been shared with the Barnard Medical Center, a primary care office where she sees patients. She is also a board certified specialist in sports dietetics.

Susan discusses the PCRM's recommendations for the 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, as well as 4 ways a vegan diet is optimal for athletes.

Listen below!

Important topics and points you don't want to miss:

>> The Dietary Guidelines for Americans are updated every 5 years. From the PCRM: "Since 1995, the Physicians Committee has successfully worked to ensure that the DGAC [Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee] reveals conflicts of interest from the meat, dairy, and egg industries and that the Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend healthful plant-based diets and warn against consuming cholesterol and saturated fat found in animal products. " Susan discusses the PCRM's four recommendations to the DGAC.

>> Four ways the vegan diet is optimal for athletes: leaner body mass, better tissue oxygenation, less inflammation, and higher glycogen.

Resources mentioned in the episode:

>> Journal article by Barnard ND, Goldman DM, Loomis JF, et al., published in 2019. Plant-based diets for cardiovascular safety and performance in endurance sports. Nutrients, 11(1).

>> Bonus resource: Cooking to Combat COVID-19 - a program for the PCRM's Food for Life instructors to teach healthful eating via online cooking and nutrition classes.


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