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NBSV 110: Chrissy King on merging social justice with the fitness industry

What are some ways we can approach diversity and inclusion within the fitness industry, and what work still needs to be done?

Adapted from a Zoom conversation for an alive Magazine article (about how the COVID-19 pandemic, and recent discussions about diversity and inclusion, have changed the fitness industry for good), Chrissy King joins me to discuss her work as a writer, speaker, strength coach, and educator, with a passion for creating a diverse and inclusive wellness industry.

Important topics and points you don't want to miss:

>> The crucial work that has taken place within the diversity and inclusion realm- and what still needs to be done

>> Stopping the process of shrinking, and stepping into taking up space

>> How we can work to create spaces that allow individuals from all backgrounds to feel seen, welcome, respected, and


Connect with Chrissy:

>> Chrissy on Instagram

>> Chrissy on Facebook

>> Chrissy's website

Mentioned in this episode:

>> The Future of Fitness [published in Alive Magazine]

Episode transcript:

Access a full transcript of the episode here.


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