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NBSV 028: Nadia Cairns on being vegan in rural Outback Australia and healing from an eating disorder

Vegan Nadia Cairns

Nadia is here to share with you what it’s like being vegan in rural Outback Australia (10 hours away from the nearest city!), healing from an eating disorder, and how strength training has impacted her life.

Nadia has to order her groceries a week in advance, and they get delivered by truck. There are no commercial gyms in the area, so you’ll hear about how she trains and the equipment she has available in our interview. Her unique situation won’t be shared by a lot of our listeners, but I’d like this episode to illustrate the “where there’s a will, there’s a way” concept - both for veganism and for strength training.

Nadia is an early development teacher for children aged 6 months to 5 years, mostly from the Indigenous population (“bush kids”, in Nadia’s words). We’ve been working together via online coaching for about a year - we’ve fine-tuned Nadia’s nutrition to make sure it supports her fitness and physique goals, and I’ve been creating workout programs for her to do with the equipment she has available.

Nadia has made some incredible strength gains, and she’s also made a dramatic mindset shift about nutrition and training, which you’ll hear about in our interview.

Listen below!

Important topics and points you don't want to miss:

>> You do not need to live within a block of Whole Foods to be vegan! Hear about Nadia's experience being vegan in rural Outback Australia. Her groceries arrive by truck every week, and she can't just run to the nearest store whenever a craving for something like vegan ice cream hits. (It was a big deal when her local store started carrying soy milk.)

>> You do not need access to a fancy gym to get seriously strong and badass. Nadia describes her experience strength training with no access to a commercial gym.

>> Nadia has made a complete 180 in her mindset when it comes to training and nutrition. Coming from a past of struggling with bulimia, she now views food as fuel for her training and her life, rather than something to feel guilty about.

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