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NBSV 166: Film and TV actor Paloma Kwiatkowski on veganism, entering the health and wellness field, and moving to a small town

When I heard that a new vegan athlete (and a film and TV actor, at that!) moved to my small town, I knew I had to have her on the show. And I haven't even run into her at the grocery store yet! Paloma Kwiatkowski is a professional actor with over a decade of experience in the film and TV industry, an avid trail-runner turned personal trainer, and a vegan with an unwavering passion for cooking and baking.

Listen in as Paloma shares her vegan story and discusses beginning a career in the health and wellness industry, transitioning from living in big cities to a small town, and the upcoming release of a new movie she stars in.

Important topics we discussed:

>> How and why Paloma chose veganism

>> Some of Paloma’s acting work, including Riot Girls, Bates Motel, The Professor, and an upcoming release she’s starring in

>> Why Paloma chose to become a personal trainer and enter the health and wellness industry 

Connect with Paloma:

>> Paloma on Instagram

Episode transcript:

>> Access a full transcript of the episode here.

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